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October 22nd to 26th, 2019
Registration Is OPEN!
Registration Closes October 7, 2019

Planning continues. Dates will be October 22-26. It may be a bit chillier, but we won't be clashing with the likes of Okie-Tex. They think they are such a big deal. :) The Moon will be a bit visible in the beginning (rise about 0100), but will be better later in the week.

The "Enchanted Skies Star Party" (ESSP) offers a unique astronomy experience in the southwestern United States. For one, the dark sky viewing can't be beat. We also offer a friendly and collegial milieu by limiting registration to 125 people. Our dark sky site is in the Cibola National Forest, just 15 minutes outside the small town of Magdalena, New Mexico.

Magdalena, New Mexico -- in the rainy season.

Total People Registered
(Full+Weekend+Saturday as of 2019-08-17)


Current Head Count For Tours
(MRO 20 max, VLA 30 max for each tour each day)

MRO Tour VLA Tour
Wednesday 20 18
Thursday 18 21


2019-08-16: MRO Wednesday tour is closed. Once we verify some of the info in the registration it may open again. Thursday has only two openings.

2019-08-07: After a recount the Wednesday MRO tour is only mostly FULL.

Quickly: There WILL be an MRO tour of the 2.4m telescope and the interferometer facility on Wednesday and Thursday weather permitting. The price MAY have to go way up if a large van is used to haul everyone up from the bottom of the mountain, so root for driving or carpooling with your own vehicle just like previous years. There will be no staying overnight, but you will be able to bring your own stuff, setup around sunset, and then leave at 2300. There will be more details coming (especially about the large van). The limit will be 20 people per day.

2019-08-03: We are going to try and start gathering old photos and stories about the early days of ESSP. If you have anything we may find useful please send it to our Contact page email address. What is currently the "Photos" pages will slowly begin turning into the history pages.

Registration will now be closing on the 7th of October just to give our food folks a little more time to get shopping done.

If you register, and subsequently just can't make it to ESSP, we will refund your money up to October 7th (the close of registration) if you ask nicely. Again, this is to minimize the shock of changing numbers of people to the food folks. If it rains the whole week of ESSP as if you were in the pan handle of Oklahoma, sorry but we'll be keeping your money.

An MRO co-worker of Dr. Dan, (our very MAS own) Colleen Gino, will be taking over coordination of the MRO tours, so more information should be coming soon.

2019-08-01: Registration opens! However, there is a bit of sad news...we regret to inform you of the passing of ESSP Co-Founder and all round terrific human being Dr. Dan Klinglesmith. We will need to possibly rearrange the schedule a bit and generally get back on our feet over the next couple of weeks. If you fail to get an immediate answer to general or registration questions this will probably be why. We appreciate your understanding.

We'd like to create a picture board for Dr. Dan for display at ESSP. If you have any pictures from the past please send them along. Also any antecdotes that you may have about Dr. Dan would be appreciated. We'll try to work them on to the picture board, and we will also create a web page. Thank you!

Now the MRO tour plans are REALLY up in the air. We'll get it sorted out as soon as possible.